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Make-up, graphics, illustrator and visual effects artist for Star Trek productions ranging from The Next Generation to Enterprise, from Star Trek Generations to Star Trek Nemesis
Author of Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise, Worlds of the Federation, and the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Journal.
Author of the Star Fleet Technical Manual and the Star Trek Blueprints, a.k.a. the USS Enterprise Booklet of General Plans.
Technical adviser during preproduction of the original Star Trek television series.
Researcher for the Star Trek Chronology, and co-author of the Star Trek Encyclopedia.
Designer and illustrator who used his exceptional talents in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Visionary artist who showed viewers what no one had seen before, both on the big screen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and on the small screen from Star Trek: The Next Generation to Star Trek: Voyager.
The Star Trek fan who, with husband John, kept the Human Adventure alive.
Aerospace professional, science-fiction enthusiast, and the first to document the complete interior of the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D.

Spaceship of the Rings (March 3, 2004, originally titled "The Ring Ship Enterprise"; revised August 24, 2007)

Mental Exercise -- Refactoring Warp Factors (December 23, 2003; revised January 4, 2006)

Shuttlecraft Galileo: 1991 (September 16, 2003; revised November 22, 2006)

The Case of Jonathan Doe Starship (Written by Greg Jein. Originally published April 1975 in T-Negative 27; reprinted with permission of Greg Jein and Ruth Berman)

Where On the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Is the Engine Room? (September 9, 2002; revised January 1, 2006)

Caged Buttons (December 22, 2001)

Level 1 Diagnostics

Evolution of Andrew Probert's USS Ambassador (and USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C) (September 22, 2007; Last Updated March 12, 2008)

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