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Shuttlecraft Galileo Interior Set Photos
by Greg Tyler and Nick Whitlow
November 22, 2006

It is well known that the shuttecraft Galileo from the original Star Trek television series was realized in three ways:

  1. A filming miniature of the exterior
  2. A nearly full-sized exterior set prop
  3. An interior set

Most interior sets are built with "wild" sections -- removable sections which allow a camera to reach areas of the set that wouldn't otherwise be reachable. In November 2006 Nick Whitlow recently brought to light two rare photos of the forward wall of the interior set of Galileo.

Nick explains the source of the photos:

They are from a promotional piece for AMT's Speed and Custom Shop where the shuttlecraft was built in exchange for the rights for AMT to produce a kit of the Enterprise. Sorry they are not better. They were very small in the brochure. [Galileo builder Gene] Winfield said he no longer has the original photos.
Nose of Galileo interior set, as viewed from behind, from "outside the shuttle."
Nose of Galileo interior set, as viewed from "inside the shuttle."

Thanks to Nick Whitlow for sharing these photos with fellow Star Trek fans!

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