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Frequently Asked Questions
I remember seeing some of this site's content on an old web site called "Remember: The Lost History of Star Trek." What gives?

This site's author was the author of that old site. Its content was migrated here.

Where are the cool colors and flashy graphics?

On other sites. The emphasis of this site is on its content rather than its "coolness."

Why isn't this site updated as frequently as (insert another site's name here)?

A variety of reasons:

Kirk's Enterprise is really a (insert class name here)-class starship, and its engine room is really in (insert ship location here). Get a clue!

I attempt to be objective in my analyses of Trek-related information. I do present opinions on this site, but they are identified as such. I won't twist the arm of anyone who disagrees with me, and I would appreciate the same courtesy.

When will you interview (insert person's name here)?

I'm fortunate to have interviewed a variety of fascinating people who have been involved with Star Trek. I'll conduct further interviews as opportunities arise.

Why are the images so small, and why did you overlay "" and/or copyright notices on them?

Generally speaking image sizes are small to reduce how much bandwidth is used on the site. In some cases, images are as large as my original source images. I overlay the web site URL to reduce the possibility that someone will steal my work without giving due credit. I overlay other copyright information if the copyright is held by another entity.

I have the real scoop on (this topic or that topic). Will you post this info on your site?

I'm always interested in learning more about the Trek-related topics that interest me -- and I'm open to the idea of sharing newfound information with others. Generally speaking I will only present information if it can be confirmed as factual, and/or if it comes from a reliable source. I don't publish hearsay. If you have reliable information that you'd like to share, then contact me by clicking the Contact link at the top of any page. Thanks in advance!

You made a mistake. Will you correct it?

If I made an erroneous statement of fact or an error of omission, then let me know by clicking the Contact link at the top of any page. If I can confirm that I did in fact make an error, then I'll correct the error and credit you.

(Insert person/place/object/event here) isn't cannon! Why do you write about it?

First, the word is "canon." Second, I write about what interests me, without regard to its "canonicity."

Who's running this show anyway?

My name is Greg Tyler. I'm a long-time enthusiast of science-fiction movies and television. Star Wars captivated my imagination, and Star Trek did more of the same. I work as a senior-level software engineer in the information technology industry. I have an undergraduate degree in physics and computer science, and I'm pursuing an MBA. Some of my favorite films are Blade Runner, Forbidden Planet, Plan 9 from Outer Space and Dark Star. I post on Trek BBS as FalTorPan.

Content © by Greg Tyler unless otherwise noted. This web site is a fan-produced, not-for-profit endeavor. Use of other parties' copyrighted works is done either with permission or under the terms of Fair Use. Works owned by other parties will be removed at the request of the copyright holder.

Opinions expressed by interviewees are their own, and they do not necessarily represent the opinions of the authors of this web site. The authors of this web site cannot always verify and are not responsible for the accuracy of claims made by interviewees.